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Our products list
A Products list of auxiliary equipments:
1. Plastic crusher series: Motor power from 2.2kw to 75kw; capacity from 50kg to 2000kg /hour
2. Plastic hopper dryer series: Capacity from 12kg to 800kg
3. Plastic mixer series: Capacity from 50kg to 1000kg
B Products list of plastic recycling machines:
1. Plastic bottle cap and label separator, the equipment is used for separating the label and cap from plastic bottle scrap, at the same time the machine can wash and clean the bottle, capacity is 2ton~3tons per hour.
2 .a) waste plastics grinder, motor power from 2.2kw to 75kw; capacity from 50kg to 2000kg per hour.
b) Blade sharper, semiautomatic or automatic
c) Conveyer belt, it is used to load the plastic scrap to plastic crusher, baler etc.
3. a) Waste PET bottle flake washing line , it is suitable for PET bottle scrap post consumer or post industry This process involves several steps: bale opener, bottle sorter and grinder, multi-step washing process with hot water and caustic soda cleaning, automatic separation of foreign matter and bagging.
The Quality enhancement of the PET bottle flake as secondary raw material makes possible a variety of uses for the product, e.g. flakes for films, fibers, strapping bands, or pellets for bottle production. Its output is from 5tons to 40tons per day.
b) Waste PE film/flake washing line, it is suitable for PE and other plastics containers, Plastics film and etc. Its output is from 3ton to 10tons per day.
4. PET strap making line from PET bottle flake.
5. PET pipe (5mm-150mm) making line
6. Waste plastic pressure Baler, waste paper baler, and waste metal baler
7. Plastic centrifugal dryer, hot air heater dryer
8. Waste PET, EPS, PC, PA, ABS, PP, PS, PE, PVC, PP-R, POM, PBT, etc granulator.
9. Waste CD recycling equipments. It is a polisher to separate the metallized coat and printing cover.
10.Waste cable recycling equipment, It separate the copper and the plastic from the cable, capacity is from 100kg to 1000kg/hour.
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